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Woman left with horrific burns after ‘skin stripped’ by exploding water bottle

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A woman was left with second degree burns after an exploding water bottle stripped her skin away.

Andie Doherty, 41, was left with burns down her entire leg after she filled up a £5 comforter.

Graphic pictures show her skin melted off, unveiling a red-raw leg with blood dripping onto a hospital bed.

She was watching television when she wanted to fill the bottle up as she struggled with a cold.

But seconds later she felt a scorching pain as she realised the bottle had ripped and sent boiling water all over her limb.

She managed to get to her sofa where she “swore and screamed like nobody’s business” before desperately calling 999.

She said: “As soon as it hit my legs I knew what had happened.

“As soon as it hit my legs I knew what had happened.

"I knew the best thing to do would be to run a cold shower but once I managed to get in there, the shower was too pressurised so it just kept tearing off the skin.”

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She spent the next 11 days at the Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester where she received treatment for her burns and was given physio.

Andie, a pathology worker from Stalybridge, Manchester, described her treatment as “painful beyond belief”.

She added: “I was absolutely full of drugs because of the pain. The nurses had to bath me. But I'm quite stubborn and won't let this get me down.”

She has since warned others about the dangers of a hot water bottle.

"I've been using hot water bottles for a lifetime and nothing like this has ever happened,” said Andie.

"But I think it reached the top and just gave way. I didn't have the cover on and I had my pj shorts on. Never take the cover off when you're filling it up!

"Also I would advise people to wait a while before pouring the water in from the kettle."

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