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Stray dog seen gnawing on abandoned dead girl’s body in hospital morgue

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A stray dog has been seen eating the abandoned body of a 13-year-old girl as it lay on a stretcher in a hospital morgue.

The disturbing images were taken in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, India, on Thursday, November 26, after the girl reportedly died in a car accident.

In the clip, the animal can be seen standing on its hind legs as it peaks its head under the white cloth covering the body in an isolated area of a hospital.

A cleaner and attendant have since been suspended by the hospital after the horrifying incident.

The girl's family have been left fuming following the incident.

"The body of the girl was left unattended for one-and-a-half hours. It is a matter of negligence on the hospital's part. No-one was there to look after the body," ANI quoted Charan Singh, the dad of the child, as saying.

The Samajwadi Party, a political party based in New Delhi, tweeted the video calling for "strict action" to be taken and giving its condolences to the "heartbroken family".

But the chief medical superintendent of the hospital disputes the dad's claims, saying hospital staff "might have left" the body unattended for "a minute".

However the medical chief did admit the hospital had a "stray dog menace" problem which he had previously tried to sort out.

Chief Medical Superintendent Dr Sushil Verma said: "Body was handed over to the family after formalities.

"They didn't want postmortem and were taking it away.

"They might've left it unattended for a minute when it happened. I wrote to Municipality about the stray dog menace but to no avail. Probe committee formed.

A committee has now been formed to investigate the incident.

Dr Verma added: "At prima facie investigation, we found out the sweeper and ward boy responsible.

"They too had had a lot of bodies to deal with. However, we have suspended them.

"And we have sought an explanation from the doctor that was on emergency duty along with the pharmacist. Also, we have formed a committee to investigate the matter."

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