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Dog called Gumbo rushed to vets after scoffing cannabis dumped at beauty spot

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A poor dog narrowly escaped death after munching on cannabis he found dumped at a beauty spot.

Gumbo the sprocker ate the substance from a Apedale County Park which left him so stoned he could barely stand up.

His face became contorted and his owner noticed he began developing face tremors and ticks and was "really wobbly on his legs."

He was rushed to the vets where he was diagnosed with cannabis poisoning.

Owner Chris Huxley was taking nine-year-old Gumbo – a mix between a cocker and a springer spaniel – for a walk with his two-year-old twin daughters Amber and Alex, reports StokeOnTrent Live.

But as the family made their way down Apedale Road, Chesterton, Gumbo darted into the bushes at around 10am last Saturday (November 21).

Mental health nurse Chris Huxley, aged 42, said: "It's in his nature if he picks up a scent to go and have a sniff. He started rooting around and was chewing on something.

"I pulled him away and thought it was some sort of silage mixed in with the longer grass. My best guess was that it was animal waste.

"We carried on our walk but on the way back he did the same thing and I told him to 'come away'.

"I put the twins down for a nap and that's when I noticed Gumbo was acting strange.

"He had facial ticks and tremors and was really wobbly on his legs. His face was all contorted and he kept pushing his head backwards.

"I could tell he was reacting to some sort of poison and knew I had to take him to the vets straight away."

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Chris took Gumbo to Pool Farm Vets in Betley where he anxiously waited in the car to find out what had happened to his beloved pet.

He added: "I explained that he had been fine up until coming back from the walk. I thought he might have ingested some slug pellets or pesticide.

"They did some bloods straight away. They then came back and told me it was cannabis. It all made sense as Gumbo did look stoned. He was as high as a kite.

"The vets made him sick and put him on charcoal lines. Cannabis can be very dangerous for dogs – it could have killed him. It was really scary thinking we could lose him."

However, thankfully vets were able to save him and he is now recovering from the traumatic experience.

Chris was able to take Gumbo home at 6.30pm that day.

He added: "He was still not himself. He wasn't taking any water so I had to use a syringe to get some fluids into him. He did seem to have the munchies though as he ate his dinner.

"At around 4.30am he bolted straight up and went straight for his water bowl and was guzzling it down. He then cuddled up to me and he was back to his normal self."

After the vets confirmed Gumbo had eaten cannabis, Chris alerted Staffordshire Police.

He said: "There are a lot of kids and youngsters on bikes down there so I thought I should alert them.

"The police came and asked me to show them where it was.

"It turned out to be two massive blocks of cannabis which had been dumped in the bush.They got their shovels out and dug it up.

"One of them thought it might have been someone trying to grow their own and they might have got spooked and dumped it. We will never know.

"But hopefully Gumbo has learned his lesson as he had a miserable time when stoned. We definitely don't want him trying any more drugs."

Police officers have issued a warning to dog walkers to be careful.

PCSO Hannah Chaplin, of Staffordshire Police, said: "Cannabis plants had been fly tipped in the corner of a field on Apedale Road.

"Unfortunately a member of the local community was out walking his dog who has ingested some of the plant causing the dog to become very ill.

"Fortunately the owner has sought medical attention for the dog very quickly and the dog is on the mend. This has caused the owner a lot of stress and could have had a very different outcome"

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