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‘With friends like EU, best to be alone!’ Britons lash out after MEP insults UK

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The MEP claimed the UK will face its “blackest year in history” following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and insisted the European Union must help its neighbour. But his taunts have left Britons sieving with rage.

One commenter fumed: “In EU speak, the UK won’t be funding our recovery plan.

“I’m sure your EU masters will look after Spain once Germany and France have decimated the fund.”

Another argued: “We can raise our own currency thanks and seeing as we were never net beneficiaries of any of the EU’s common policies, then I doubt very much we’d get an equal share of any recovery fund implemented.

“It’d be 10 billion in and two billion back or some such lopsided agreement.”

A third reader said: “Great Britain stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany when you move there in Europe surrendered like the lily livered lowlife’s that you are.

“Without Great Britain in WW2 Europe would be a very much darker place today.

“Remember that you ungrateful waste of oxygen!”

Someone else said Europe has “never done anything for us except take advantage of goodwill!”

A fifth reader added: “We won’t have access to the EU recovery fund?

“Don’t need it. Got our own fund that only we can access.

“Don’t need the EU’s ‘help’ thanks!”

Another reader simply said: “With friends like the EU, best to be alone!”

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While addressing the European Parliament this week, Mr Gonzalez Pons said: “Never in the history of the European Union have we faced so many problems at the same time.

“But never in the EU’s history have we made such an effort to ensure that we have the funding available to save Europeans.

“Let’s think about the UK here because it’s leaving the EU and it will have no access to the recovery fund.

“Next year Europeans will have access to our common pool of debt taken on by all of us but the UK will not have access to that money because it will be out.

“Families are there for you and it’s the same for the European Union.

“Now in the UK, they will see what it’s like to be alone.

“They won’t have access to the recovery fund, they won’t have access to the single market.

“If we can’t reach an agreement and without Donald Trump, the UK might become a genuine economic island and that’s why we need to make an effort because we feel links to them and because they’re our neighbours.

“We need to help them to make sure the coming year is not the blackest in their history.

“Therefore, it’s very difficult to understand why some member states in the EU are trying to block the recovery fund.”

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