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Dog’s jaw ‘glued together’ as ‘cement-like’ parcel adhesive reacts with saliva

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Dog owners are being warned after a poor dog's jaw was "glued together" by parcel adhesive from a delivery package.

Distressing images have been shared by a vet who treated the terrier after his mouth was glued shut.

Roxi the Scottish terrier required emergency surgery to unlock her mouth after the parcel glue reacted with her saliva, turning it into a "cement like mixture."

The traumatic ordeal took place on Sunday and an image showed pieces of dissolving cardboard binding the top and lower teeth together.

Another image shows the dog trying to stick her tongue out with a bit of soggy cardboard visible near the top of her mouth.

Luckily, the vets managed to release the sticky substance from Roxi’s mouth after sedating the poorly pooch. However, they are now warning of the dangers of adhesive ahead of the large number of online deliveries expected around Christmas.

The vets wrote on Facebook: “Little Roxi decided to help her owners open a parcel that had come through the door but soon found herself in a sticky situation.

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"The adhesive from the chewed cardboard packaging glued Roxi’s teeth together leaving her unable to open her mouth and in great distress.

“Her owners tried desperately to help her, but were unable to as the cardboard had formed a cement-like mixture.

“They rushed her straight to our Kirkcaldy clinic where she had to be sedated in order to remove the solid cardboard that had fused her upper and lower teeth together.

“Let your humans do the parcel opening from now on, Roxi. Will you be doing a lot of Christmas shopping online this year? If so, make sure that deliveries are kept out of paws’ reach.”

Sharon Galloway, thought to be Roxi’s owner, posted: “Thank you so much.

“She won’t be doing this any more.”

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