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Jeremy Corbyn snub: Is Corbyn still in the Labour Party?

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Jeremy Corbyn came up in Prime Minister’s Questions today, as Sir Keir Starmer delivered a devastating analysis of the Government’s priorities during the lockdown. House Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle had to reprimand Mr Johnson as he attempted to ask the Labour leader a question about the Islington North MP in return to his pressing line of questioning on Conservative failings. Mr Johnson stated Mr Corbyn remained a party member, but by now most Brits understand he no longer sits as a Labour MP.

Is Jeremy Corbyn still in the Labour Party?

Labour leadership suspended Mr Corbyn following a report from the European Human Rights Commission (EHRC) which found the party broke the law with regards to allegations of antisemitism.

Mr Corbyn’s following statement asserted people had “dramatically overstated” the problem for “political reasons”.

Several leading figures construed this as an attempt to downplay the findings, which did not sit well with Labour executives.

Party leaders made the initial decision in October, before ultimately deciding to reinstate him.

The Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) headed by Sir Keir, however, withdrew the whip.

The leader’s decision made Mr Corbyn an independent MP, and at the time, he announced he would keep the matter under consideration.

But his expulsion seems impermanent so far, according to The Guardian.

The publication said it had learned the whip would remain withdrawn for three months in total.

Labour chief whip Nick Brown allegedly wrote to Mr Corbyn earlier this month stating as such.

Mr Brown allegedly told the former leader his suspension would remain “pending an investigation into whether he had broken the PLP code of conduct”.

The decision caused widespread backlash within Labour, both from MPs and groups.

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One MP resigned from the party, and a Corbyn-supporting Labour group recently walked out of a National Executive Committee meeting.

Other MPs have said they understand Sir Keir’s reasoning but would like to see Mr Corbyn back in the party.

Emily Thornberry, Shadow International Trade Secretary and MP Islington South said she would “love” to see him rejoin.

She said: “I understand entirely where Keir is coming from on this.”

“I think it is something that needs to be held under review and I think the chief whip has also written to Jeremy about this.”

“We do need to recognise how much we failed and how we did not stand up for the Jewish community sufficiently strongly, and when there was a rise of antisemitism in the Labour Party, and when the EHRC report came out, I personally found it very distressing.”

She added: “Some of the things that he said undermined the EHRC report. And I think he needs to think about that and I think we need once more to apologise to the Jewish community and I think he needs to think about that too.

“I’d love to get him back into the Labour Party but I do think we need to get round this problem and hopefully it will get sorted out.”

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