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Raver left ‘screaming in pain’ as police dog ‘bites through to bone’ at party

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A woman was left with life-changing injuries after a police dog bit her “through to the bone” during an illegal rave.

Jessica Mae Andrew, 28, said the animal “came out of nowhere” during the event on the outskirts of Bristol on Saturday, October 31.

Cops arrived at the disused warehouse on Stover Trading Estate in the town of Yate around 10.30pm.

They closed off roads and prevented around 300 people attending the event, but between 500 and 700 had already got in.

Ms Andrew told The Independent: “I was dancing when I was attacked with no warning at all.

“I didn’t even know it was there. The dog came out of nowhere, grabbed me by the thigh and pulled me to the floor.

“I was screaming in pain and the dog bit through my thigh muscle and tore out fat. ”

Disturbing footage shared on social media shows a police officer trying to pull the dog off Ms Andrew.

She added: "After biting through my thigh, it let go then and started to maul me again – this time biting my calf and foot where it did the most damage.

“It bit through right to bone. I had a gaping hole in my calf bigger than my fist – with the bone exposed.

“The dog was totally out of control. It was traumatising. It tore through my boots – it felt like it was on me for around three to four minutes.”

Ms Andrew said she “just wanted to have one last dance” and denies acting in a threatening or violent way.

She is now taking legal action against police.

Avon and Somerset Police referred itself to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

A police spokesperson said: "We referred a dog bite incident involving a member of the public that occurred in Yate on Sunday 1 November to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

"The IOPC adjudged the matter was suitable to be investigated locally by Avon and Somerset police.

"That process is ongoing and will include reviewing body-worn footage.

"Our final report will be provided to the IOPC."

In a statement, Avon and Somerset Police Chief Constable Andy Marsh said "There were missiles thrown, bottles, punches, kicks, fireworks fired at officers. All sorts of really, significant violence.

“Anyone who used violence towards police, wherever they come from, we will hunt them down, arrest them and bring them to justice."

Eight people were arrested on the day and a further four people have been arrested since the incident.

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