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Britain braced for flooding misery before temperatures drop to -7C this week

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Britain faces flooding misery before temperatures plunge as low as -7C later this week.

Heavy rain is set to batter the west of the UK for the next two days before a whopping 24C drop in the mercury.

Scotland is braced for travel chaos and flooding where the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning until 3pm on Wednesday.

Temperatures will then drop from highs of 17C on Thursday to bone-chilling -7C on Friday, the Mirror reports.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: "It's going to be very soggy on Tuesday and Wednesday and we're particularly concerned about western Scotland where the rain will be heavy and persistent and could cause some problems – we have a yellow Met Office warning.

"At times there will be rain in Northern and western parts of Ireland, a bit of drizzle over the hills of western England and Wales.

"During Wednesday, much of eastern and central Britain starts dry but rain will pep up in the west and that will swing its way eastwards through the day.

"By the end of Wednesday, 100mm of rain over hills and mountains [in Scotland], maybe 200mm of rain so that could cause some flooding and disruption to transport."

But even when the country starts to dry out, the unpleasant weather isn't over yet.

Chill northern winds will see a significant temperature plunge on Thursday into Friday.

Mr Deakin said: "It does turn colder, temperatures really dropping off through Wednesday night and Thursday significant wind chill, with pretty extensive frost on Friday morning."

Transport disruption is expected in western Scotland with as much as 200mm (7.8 inches) of rain expected to fall by the end of Wednesday, creating a risk of floods.

Rainfall is forecast for the west of England and Wales, though the south and the east are expected to stay largely dry.

In fact, despite the downpours, temperatures are still well above average for this time of year before a sharp drop on Thursday, potentially as high as 17C.

After that though a wintery frost is due to set in which could see overnight temperatures into Friday morning as low as -7C.

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