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Yorkshire Ripper moaned ‘I’m not going to make it’ in last words before death

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The Yorkshire Ripper appeared to know he was at death's door as he bleated “I’m not going to make it… ” while being wheeled out of jail to hospital.

Evil Peter Sutcliffe – who killed at least 13 women and attacked many more – died on Friday, November 13, after being struck down by the deadly coronavirus following a heart attack.

The 74-year-old spoke briefly while gasping for air as he was taken to hospital five days earlier, the Sunday Mirror reports.

The self-pitying beast moaned: “I’m not going to make it, I won’t be returning, I’m sorry, I’m ready to go.”

But although his last words contained the word sorry, there was no sign this was a let-up in his lifelong refusal to show remorse for his crimes.

Instead, Sutcliffe, who was obese and had diabetes and other illnesses, whined about his failing health, say sources at Frankland prison, Co Durham.

Sources said he started to deteriorate over the summer and penned a will, leaving belongings to fellow inmates.

These included sunglasses, pens, a baseball cap, woolly hats, and a pair of slippers and a pair of Crocs.

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His cell was also stacked with piles of letters from ghoulish pen-pals, including women obsessed with him.

The source added: “A lot of us who knew him believe he enjoyed the notoriety, he certainly was demanding enough to think that he should get special treatment.

"He also suffered from nightmares which seemed to get worse as his health deteriorated.

“During October he became more convinced he was going to get Covid and die. It was almost an obsession."

Sutcliffe, a lorry driver, used hammers, knives and screwdrivers to butcher 13 women and tried to kill at least seven more in Yorkshire and Greater Manchester between 1975 and 1980.

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He claimed God had told him to kill prostitutes and is suspected of 30 more murders and 17 more attacks.

The monster was jailed in 1981 and ordered to serve a whole life term.

Sutcliffe died at University Hospital of North Durham at 1am on Friday. He had contracted Covid-19 but, as a Jehovah’s Witness, refused to allow doctors to give him treatment.

Tracy Browne, 59, who Sutcliffe left for dead in Silsden, West Yorks, in August 1975 when she was 14, said: “Even hell is too good for him. He doesn’t deserve a funeral – they can chuck his ashes in a cesspit for all I care. Even though the world is a poorly place, it is a little less sick without him in it.

“Even until his dying breath, he will have wanted control. He was only ever worried about his image and what people thought of him. He’s an attention seeker until the very end.

“All his victims – whether they died or survived – were real women with real lives and real families. They deserve to be remembered for who they were, not as numbers and statistics.”

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