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Joe Biden’s presidency will add ‘complexity’ to UK’s relationship with EU, says Tory peer

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Conservative peer Nicky Morgan has claimed if Joe Biden was to become the next US president it would add a “layer of complexity” to the UK’s future relationship post-Brexit. She explained that the UK-US relationship is “multi-layered” in relation to security and NATO. The former MP noted that it could also make the UK’s life easier.

Speaking to ITV’s Peston, Ms Morgan said: “I think it will add another layer of complexity because of course we are striking out on our own.

“We won’t be members of the EU from the first of January next year.

“Having said that I think the relationship between the UK and the US is so multi-layered.

“Particularly in relation to security and NATO that in other ways if there is a change in the White House that will make the UK’s life easier.”

Her comments come as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has insisted the special relationship with the US will endure whoever wins the bitterly contested American election.

He said the “bedrock” of the relationship was based on strong economic, security and cultural ties, although he acknowledged the “contours” would be different depending on whether Mr Biden or Mr Trump won.

Republican incumbent Mr Trump has been a staunch supporter of Brexit and the prospect of a UK-US trade deal, but a Biden administration is expected to be cooler on the idea.

Mr Biden, who has Irish ancestry, has publicly criticised the Government over its plan to tear up the Brexit divorce deal and break international law over the Northern Ireland protocol.

Downing Street confirmed that Mr Johnson had never personally met the Democrat contender.

Mr Raab sought to play down the prospect of a strained relationship under a Biden administration and stressed that the US election was still too close to call.

“He told Sky News: “I’m not worried about the relationship.

The contours of the opportunities and the risks always shift a little bit, but that needs to be set against the context of this bedrock and this wider set of interests which are so strong.”


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A change of president could have big implications for the UK-US relationship.

Mr Biden treasures his Irish heritage and has warned that a UK-US trade deal is “contingent” on respect for the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to the island and the prevention of a return to a hard border.

“We can’t allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit,” the Democratic candidate warned in September.

The Foreign Secretary said Democrats take a “very close interest” in the Good Friday Agreement, which was signed while Bill Clinton was in the White House.

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