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Dead dogs litter ground and 1,700 still missing as flood strikes animal shelter

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A heartbreaking video filmed by an animal shelter worker shows dozens of dead dogs lying on the ground after 1,770 went missing during a flash flood.

In the clip, which shows lifeless dogs and puppies strewn on the floor, the sobbing Malaysian animal lover says only 30 dogs were found alive.

The few surviving dogs bark in the background and one sniffs the body of a deceased canine pal.

FurryKids Safehaven, located in the town of Mambau, 40 miles south of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, was flooded by severe storms on November 3.

The shelter posted images of the animal corpses on Facebook and appealed to the public to send donations to help them cope with the flood damage and dead animals.

FurryKids Safehaven posted a video of the dead dogs with the message in English: "Our furbabies didn’t make today…"

The shelter added in another message: "Furrykids Safehaven was badly affected by the heavy rains and flood last night.

"There are over 1,800 dogs in the premises. A rough number of 30 have been accounted for.

"The rest may or may not have survived.

"Our workers home and wellbeing are also affected by this."

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The rest of the dogs went missing when areas of Seremban were battered by heavy rain and flooding.

FurryKidssaid that "times are really tough" and begged for financial support from animal lovers and philanthropists on social media.

One distressed woman commented: "Such an unfortunate thing to happen. May the brave fur babies rest in peace.

"Just can’t bear to view the video."

Another person wrote: "Donation done. May their sweet souls rest in peace. Very tragic."

Tragically, 450 homes were flooded and a man is reported missing and feared to have been swept away by the strong currents.

Mohamad Idris, officer-in-charge of the Seremban Fire and Rescue station, told local news that the man vanished near a river in Jalan Rasah, Taman Happy, at 1.30am.

He said: "20 flood victims from the area were evacuated, but the man was washed away by strong currents.

"The search for the man is still ongoing."

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