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Vile yobs filmed hurling dead rabbits at car and house in nighttime attack

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A group of sick pranksters have been filmed throwing dead rabbits at cars and homes in an unprovoked drive-by attack.

Footage taken from a home surveillance camera outside a property in Nuneaton, Warwickshire on the evening of November 2 shows a mini SUV stopping at the kerb.

A driver and three passengers step out of the car before each of them grabs two to three dead rabbits.

They then start hurling them one by one at the porch of the home and the car. The group then get back into their vehicle and leave the scene.

Horrified residents woke up to find the rabbit carcasses lying in front of their doors the next morning.

According to Sun Online, volunteers for the Nuneaton and Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch said several homes were targeted in the sick attack.

Warwickshire Police have launched an investigation into the matter and are looking for the culprits.

They said: "We have been made aware of a significant amount of dead wildlife appearing overnight in the St Nicolas area.

"Animals such as rabbits, hares and pheasants have been found on several drives across a number of streets.

"They appear to have been placed rather than thrown or via natural occurrence.

"At this time it is not known how they died."

Officers advised the neighbours to be careful when handling the dead animals.

"If the animals are on your property, place them in a black bin liner, use gloves, and place them out of reach of other animals until the police get back to you," they added.

"If they are found on public land, report them to the council. Do not put them in your black bin."

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