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Brexit betrayal: Boris Johnson accused of caving to EU bullying in last moments of talks

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The former Brexit Party MEP argued that he was not confident Brexiteers would be satisfied with Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal with the EU. During an interview with, Mr Habib insisted Boris would get us a deal but it would not have the benefits associated with walking away without an agreement. It would also be a deal that would very closely align the UK with the EU.

He claimed these areas of alignment would fall under many issues Brexiteers were concerned about such as, fishing, the role of the European Court of Justice, and the level playing field.

Mr Habib said: “I think there is no prospect of, what I would call, a proper no deal exit on the 31st of December.

“Because of that I am convinced that Boris Johnson will be working very hard to do a deal with the EU.

“This is because he doesn’t want pernicious effects of the Northern Ireland protocol to be starkly revealed.

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“The details would be revealed in the event of not having a future trading relationship with the entire United Kingdom.”

Mr Habib admitted that he did think the UK would get a deal by the end of the transition period but it would not be one that satisfies true Brexiteers.

He continued: “I think what we are going to get by the time we get to 1st of January is a deal.

“But it will be a deal that mirrors, to a very significant extent, the political declaration that the Prime Minister signed as part of the Withdrawal Agreement.

“In that political declaration, he did sign up to a level playing field, to fix fishing quotas, signed up to considering joining PESCO which is their equivalent of NATO, he has also signed up to cooperation on military into operability.

“He has also signed up to giving the Court of Justice of the European Union, quite a large say in what happens in all those matters I just listed.

“I think, unfortunately, we are going to get a deal by January 1st that signs us up very closely to the EU.”

Mr Habib also warned the EU would be willing to give up economic growth and benefit to have the UK politically aligned.

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“The EU is not concerned about any loss of trade with the UK due to a poor, or no deal.

“They are in this negotiating for a political aim which is to make sure that a number of things happen.

“One of those things being the UK pays a hefty price for Brexit and that the UK is tethered to the EU as much as possible going forward.

“In tandem with those two aims the EU wants to make sure the EU project isn’t undermined by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.”

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