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Covid 19 coronavirus: Govt set to reveal latest on Covid-19 spread among fisherman

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Can we make it through a second week without a case of Covid-19 in the community?

The Ministry of Health is due to give an update on the latest situation surrounding Covid–19 in New Zealand shortly.

If there are no community cases today, it will be nine days since a community case was reported in our country.

Health officials yesterday announced one new virus case was detected in managed isolation. He was one of a group of Russian and Ukrainian mariners who have tested positive.

This person was a close contact of a previously reported case from the group, who had tested positive during day 6 testing and as such was already being closely monitored.

More than 400 seaman arrived in New Zealand mid-October on a charter flight to work on fishing vessels.

Within the first three days of their arrival a major outbreak of Covid-19 saw their managed isolation facility go into lockdown with 30 mariners now testing positive for the infection.

The ministry said yesterday the new case “gives us confidence that the standard practice for managing cases and contacts within managed isolation, supplemented by extending the isolation period and additional testing, was the right approach to take in the circumstances”.

Day 15 testing would be carried out this weekend on all group members, who are not already confirmed cases.

“All those who meet our low risk indicators, which include those who’ve recovered or have returned consistently negative test results throughout their stay, will be eligible to leave managed isolation from next Tuesday 3 November.”

Yesterday, the source of our most recent community outbreak was also confirmed. A marine engineer tested positive for Covid-19 on October 16 after coming down with symptoms. Three others became infected.

The ministry said genome sequencing confirmed he was infected while working on the Sofrana Surville ship which later travelled back to Australia. Testing on the ship’s crew in Queensland had returned the genome subtype linked to the Auckland case, the ministry said.

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