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Girl, 4, chokes to death on chicken nugget in front of horrified family

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A four-year-old girl choked to death while eating chicken nuggets with her family.

Rebecca Rayane da Silva Pereira was enjoying the meal of nuggets, rice and beans in her home in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 23 when she began struggling to breathe.

She was rushed to hospital but sadly died before arriving at the Vector West UPA.

Her dad, Diego Alves Pereira, told media he was at work when the tragedy occurred.

"My wife was at home with my seven-year-old boy," he said.

"At the time, my wife tried to take her out, but she couldn't do it and called the neighbour. They took the car and went to the UPA."

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He said Rebecca had been born 22 weeks premature, and was diagnosed with oesophageal atresia, an organ malformation.

The birth defect meant she had to undergo two surgeries before she was 20 days old.

Even after the procedures she always struggled with eating and frequently choked on her food.

"Depending on the food, she took a liquid together and when she choked, sometimes she was able to go back alone," Mr Pereira said.

"She had a surgical procedure that widens [the oesophagus], but it hurts a lot and she would have to go days without eating, but she did not have enough weight because she was too small still."

Despite doctors telling Rebecca's parents she would never be able to speak, she began to form words when she was a year old.

"The first word she said was 'daddy'," Mr Pereira said in an emotional Facebook post.

"Since she learnt to speak, she didn't go a day without praying. The biggest lesson she gave us was prayer.

"It will be difficult now. She was such a smart kid with so much to live for and loved by everyone."

In August an Aldershot mum was horrified to watch her daughter choke on a McDonald's chicken nugget that she says contained a face mask.

Laura Arber bought her kids a meal from the North Lane branch of the fast food giant, but when they got it home to eat her daughter Maddie started choking.

When she successfully pulled the nugget from her throat, she realised a blue surgical mask had been cooked into the mixture.

After speaking with the branch on the phone Ms Arber headed down to the store to speak with the manager and was told that the nuggets were not cooked on site.

She said she did not receive an apology and was shocked they did not stop serving nuggets.

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