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Putin THREAT: Washington given brutal US Election Russia warning as relations crumble

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Experts have suggested a win for Donald Trump or Joe Biden on November 3 would make no difference to Washington relations with Moscow. Both US candidates for President have frequently used ties to Russia as an attack on the other throughout this years campaigning. It comes after Russia and the US have not yet agreed to renew their last remaining nuclear treaty in recent weeks.

Andrey Kortunov, from the Russian International Affairs Council, said he believes Russia and US diplomacy will not be effected by the outcome of the election.

He told the Guardian Moscow enjoys a “privileged position” because of this, unlike China and Israel, but added neither candidate would oversee an improvement in relations.

He said: “The bad news is that this is because it will be bad either way.

“Almost anything that could be broken is already broken.”

But Mr Kortunov added Mr Putin would more likely have a better personal relationship with Mr Trump than he would Mr Biden.

He said: “Putin and people around him might like Trump because he fits very nicely with their view of the world.

“He’s a graphic illustration of their logic that the world is moving away from liberal values and multilateralism and towards sovereignty and traditional values.”

Whereas the Russian leader has noted the Democrats “sharp anti-Russian rhetoric” over the years earlier this month.

Dmitry Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, also said relations between Moscow and Washington will see “further deterioration” regardless of the election result.

He told Radio Free Europe: “If Trump wins, then I think the victory will be responded to by Congress, and Russia will be ‘punished’ for that victory.”

Kirill Dmitriev, head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, also believes relations between the two countries won’t improve.

He said to the Guardian: “We are at the lowest point ever in the history of US-Russian relations so going even lower would be difficult.”

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Mr Biden has launched numerous attacks on the President over Mr Trump’s desire to forge close ties with Russia.

He said on Twitter in August: “Donald Trump continues to cosy up to Russia while Putin persecutes civil society and journalists.

“Unlike Trump, I’ll defend our democratic values and stand up to autocrats like Putin.”

The Democrat was referring to the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition politician, which was believed to be ordered by Mr Putin’s government.

It comes as both Russia and the US have been unable to finalise a deal renewing the New START nuclear treaty.

Both sides have signalled a willingness to accept compromises on the treaty’s extension, but have not yet agreed on terms to extend it past February 2021.

The White House rejected a Kremlin proposal to extend the treaty without additional restrictions on the production of nuclear missiles, calling it a “non-starter” earlier this month.

Russia’s foreign ministry issued a statement a week later reaffirming their commitment to renewing New START without additional demands, which the US welcomed in a change of tone.

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