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Mass crowd join ‘impromptu street party’ hours before second lockdown

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A large group of revellers were filmed dancing on the street in an impromptu party on the eve of second lockdown in Ireland.

Gardaí was called to break up the crowds in the capital city of Dublin just hours before Ireland went into Level 5 Lockdown – the government’s most severe measure in the fight against Covid-19, reports Dublin Live.

Video shared on social media shows the men and women dancing in high spirits at Grafton Street, the city's main shopping area.

The road is filled with people singing to a busker who performs a cover version of 90's hits Freed From Desire.

Some of the revellers are seen wearing face masks but a large number of crowd fail to follow social distancing rules.

Garda sources said the gathering on Wednesday night was not organised and appeared to have arisen as a number of people stopped around a street performer, reported the Irish Times.

More passers-by joined them over a short space of time and created a crowd.

The sources added while some people in the crowd were drinking, the vast majority of those present were not consuming alcohol and appeared to have stopped “spur of the moment”.

The group were asked to move on and while a video circulating on social media showed a large crowd dancing to music on Grafton Street, believed to be just after 9.30pm, those people left when they were asked to.

The Level 5 Lockdown is set for six weeks starting from Thursday, October 22.

Residents are allowed to travel within 5km of their home, with exemptions to go further for essential work and essential purposes.

No visitors are allowed to visit your home or garden.

Weddings can still go ahead, with up to 25 guests allowed to attend a wedding ceremony and reception and the rules applies the same to funerals.

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