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Donald Trump has a ‘cold’ negotiating tactic that has worked for 45 years, says ex-adviser

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Mr Scaramucci, who was famously fired 11 days into the job after remarks about former strategist Steve Bannon were published in the New Yorker magazine, is now a fierce critic of the US President. However, speaking with less than two weeks to go before the US Presidential election, he told nobody should underestimate his former boss’s resilience.

Mr Scaramucci – often referred to by his nickname, The Mooch – said: “He has a very tough skin.

“The reaction is a very cold reaction, which is ‘if you are coming at me, I come at you ten times harder.

“‘That will add to the deterrent, and it will prevent other people from coming at me.’

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“And that has worked for him for 45 years.”

Mr Trump’s uncompromising approach was a powerful deterrent to anyone within his own party who might be tempted to criticise him, Mr Scaramucci said, not least during his impeachment trial in January over claims the 74-year-old sought help from Ukrainian authorities to favour him in the forthcoming Presidential election

Mr Scaramucci added: “One of the main reasons why those 52 Republicans voted to acquit him is that they did not want to face his wrath on the internet.

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He does not have a thin skin – anybody who is writing that about him really does not know him

Anthony Scarmucci

“He does not have a thin skin – anybody who is writing that about him really does not know him.

“He has been able to withstand one punch, one body-blow, one knife fight after the next because he has a thick skin.

“By being a couter-puncher, he is offering a disincentive to attack him.”

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Mr Trump’s famous feud with John McCain dated back long before Mr Trump’s apparent suggestion that the former Republican Presidential candidate was “not a hero” because he had been captured during the Vietnam War, Mr Scaramucci suggested.

He said: “He was experimenting by going after John McCain in 2000 when he thought he was running then.

“He made a decision then that he would ridicule John McCain and ridicule his service, which is a counter-intuitive thing to do, but what it does is rile up his base and show them he is his own man and will break conventional norms.

“That would have finished off other candidates but it didn’t finish off Trump.”

Mr Scaramucci, who chronicles his time working for Mr Trump during his broadly sympathetic 2018 memoir Trump, The Blue Collar President, said there was one surefire way to get under his thick hide nevertheless.

He explained: “The only thing that really can rile him – and I keep doing that which is why three years later he still tweeting about me – is that he lives in reality distortion field.

“So when you are providing crystal-clear reality and honesty he gets pretty animated.

“When I am on Fox News and the guys from the Hill are interviewing me and we are talking the truth about COVID-19 he will come after you pretty hard.

“He doesn’t like anybody talking to his base that could potentially disrupt the reality distortion field.”

Mr Trump is taking on Democrat candidate Joe Biden – who has the backing of Mr Scaramucci – on November 3.

He is currently trailing in most opinion polls – but will take comfort from the fact he was likely losing to Hillary Clinton at the same stage four years ago, only for him to stun pundits by pulling off a shock victory.

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