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US Election: Jill Biden arrives in same state as Ivanka and Eric Trump TODAY amid tensions

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Eric, US President Donald Trump’s eldest son, blasted Jill Biden’s husband and the Democratic Party he represents last time he was in the state. There are now just two weeks until the US goes to the polls to vote for the next President of the United States.

Campaign events are due to continue up until the deadline, with another debate also due.

The start of this week will see Michigan be hotly contested as a total of four representatives from the Biden and Trump campaigns attempt to win over voters in the area.

Indeed, Ivanka Trump and Jill Biden have narrowly missed being in the same state on the same day by a matter of hours.

Meanwhile, Melania Trump, the First Lady, is due to make her first campaign appearance in over a year this week.

She will join the president at a rally in Pennsylvania, though she is not expected to make a solo speech.

Michigan has been referred to as a swing state, meaning the number of voters expected to support either the Republican Party or the Democrat Party is roughly the same.

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Yesterday, the Biden campaign sent Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg to Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, both Michigan cities.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump visited the state yesterday, also to Grand Rapids to speak with local supporters.

It marks the second visit to Michigan by the president’s daughter in around a month.

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In September, she embarked on a tour of the state’s General Motors Co.’s Global Technical Center.

While there she claimed President Trump would play a part in “opening all the ways to career success”.

Jill Biden, meanwhile, is due to arrive in Michigan today, the Biden campaign said.

Like Ivanka, she was last in the state in September. There, she spoke with the Kids’ Food Basket organisation which fights childhood hunger.

Lastly, Eric Trump is also due to make a stop in the state today.

He is scheduled to visit two businesses – Schlegel Sand & Gravel, and Darling Farms.

Last time he was in the state, the president’s son criticised Joe Biden and the “crazy” Democratic party.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump himself has been travelling west across the US holding a spate of rallies.

Over the weekend, he headlined a rally in Nevada and was also at events in Michigan, Wisconsin, and California.

Joe Biden’s weekend campaigns were marked by a North Carolina event on Sunday and an online call with African American religious leaders.

Last week, the president’s rival threw the upcoming presidential debate into doubt by saying he would not show up unless Mr Trump tested negative for coronavirus.

It is due to be the last debate before the election goes ahead, with a previous one already having been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

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