Tue. Dec 6th, 2022


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Brits facing coronavirus curfew in Spain as government plans state of emergency

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Brits are facing coronavirus curfews in Spain as the government seeks to move to a state of emergency.

Madrid's minister of health, Enroque Ruiz Escudero, says it wouldn't be a bad thing to keep people indoors from midnight to 6am.

The government has said that it is willing to roll out such measures but it is yet to reveal the details.

If enacted, the restrictions could apply to the whole of the country, reports El Pais.

Alternative measures could mean that it is only applied in regions that consent.

The Central Executive believes that a state of emergency would be required to roll it out nationwide.

This would apply to everyone in the country at the time – including Brits.

But there is currently a debate raging within Spain's government as to how effective a curfew would be.

On Thursday regional leaders will be meeting to discuss how best to continue fighting coronavirus.

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Politicians in Madrid are believed to be pushing the idea that a curfew could be introduced without a state of emergency.

However, the city's leaders have not yet explained how such a thing could be done.

Other regions are also thought to take Madrid's line in opposition to the government.

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