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Brexit breakthrough: Leaver highlights crucial reasons businesses will come to UK over EU

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Academic and Research Director for the IEA, Syed Kamall claimed the UK could look forward to considerable foreign investment after Brexit. During an interview with, Mr Kamall claimed the UK needed to maintain some of the standards it had while being a member of the EU. He added there was considerable trust worldwide about the benefits of working and operating in the EU compared to some other countries, including those within the European Union.

Mr Kamall said: “The UK has to do partly what it has been doing anyway.

“The UK is relatively more open to trade than any other EU country, it attracts more foreign investment than other countries.

“A lot of people like to come to the UK because they see it as a trustworthy legal system.

“They know they are going to be able to compete fairly and the Government isn’t necessarily going to treat local companies better than foreign investment companies.

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“They know that if there a problem they can trust the court system in the UK and won’t be caught up.

“They don’t necessarily get that feeling in other countries or even other EU countries.”

Mr Kamall insisted the UK could expect to thrive in the same way post-EU if it maintained the areas important to businesses.

He said: “Therefore if the UK continues and says whatever you have read about Brexit, we are open to the world.

“We are open to trade, investment and the best brains in the world, Britain is open for businesses.

“We are a low-tax environment with trustworthy courts, that is the message the UK has to send.”

The expert addressed some concerns from Remainers that indicated the UK would not be expanding like it intended to.

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He said: “I think some people who were worried about Brexit had been worried about if the UK would become more insular and protectionist.

“I think the Department for International Trade’s announcement of a new UK global tariff showed the UK is going to be more open to trade than the EU.

“In fact it makes the EU’s tariff look protectionist.

“Overall this sends the message the UK is open for trade, open for business and open for investment.”

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