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Teenage girl frothing at the mouth dumped on street after taking ‘pinger’ drug

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A 15-year-old girl was left to die on the street after reportedly taking "pinger" drugs.

Police found the youngster unconscious and frothing at the mouth at the roadside.

She is said to have been given MDMA pills, nicknamed "pingers" by some pals in Tidworth, Wiltshire.

Cops saw the teen being carried lifeless across the road on the edge of the Salisbury Plain training area.

The group are said to have run off, leaving the 15-year-old alone.

She was rushed to hospital after being found on Saturday night, and is now said to be in a stable condition.

Her mum said she "would not be here today" had it not been for the officers passing through the town.

She added: "She is still in hospital but doing well.

"She feels very stupid and ashamed for being so stupid and thinking it's cool to fit in with the crowd."

The Mayor of Tidworth, Councillor Mark Connolly, said "I have seen various Facebook posts about the horrible incident over the weekend where a young lady became seriously ill after having taken a pill.

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"The actions of the young lady's so-called friends involved in the incident are reprehensible and they should be ashamed of themselves.

"I have contacted the family to wish the young lady a speedy recovery.

"I have also contacted the local police inspector about the incident.

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"Whilst he could not go into the specifics of the investigation, he assured me that drugs is a very high priority for the police and that much of their work in this area goes unseen.

"If anybody knows about this incident or wishes to provide other information about drugs or drug dealing in the town, please ring 101 or report it on the Wiltshire Police website, so that they can take action against the people who are putting young lives at risk."

The slang term "pingers" originated in Australia for ecstasy or MDMA.

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