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Army hero who lost both legs in Taliban blast fined for parking in disabled bay

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A brave war hero who lost both legs in a Taliban bomb blast in Afghanistan has been slapped with a fine for parking in a disabled bay.

Ex-Lance Corporal Tyler Christopher was hauled in front of a court after being stung with the ticket whilst napping in his car at a Sheffield sporting event.

The ex-soldier, who served his country, said his prosthetic legs were clearly visible in the footwell.

Mr Christopher’s blue badge was not on display because it was being renewed – and the serviceman said he is appealing the charge.

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He told The Sun: “The warden must have been really sneaky to do it all while I was sleeping.

“He never put a ticket on the windscreen because I would have woken up and I would have explained that I didn't have my Blue Badge with me because it was being renewed.”

Tyler took the fine further but it was upheld by a Carmarthen District Court and he was forced to cough up £120.

The brave war veteran, who lost his legs in a Taliban blast in Afghanistan in 2009, was having a kip in his BMW and was clearly visible in the front seat.

The veteran, who is also captain of Team GB’s para-ice hockey squad, said his wheelchair could also be seen in the backseat.

Vehicle Control Services -which issued the fine – insisted the ticket at the Sheffield sports event was correct, The Sun reports.

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