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‘Drama queen’ dog gets 56k followers for hilarious reactions to normal objects

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A playful dog has accidentally gone viral after his owner filmed him hilariously barking at the most inanimate of objects.

Owner Amber made a series of mini clips, named “wtf am I barking”, to show Ace the Labrador retriever baking at absolutely anything.

The cream-coloured canine has since become an internet sensation with more than 56,000 followers on his dedicated Instagram account, @ace_adventures.

In one episode, the three-year-old pooch alerts Amber and her family with frantic barks as if an intruder has broken into the house.

Amber looks around the bedroom while Ace stares at the wooden bed frame, making deep growls.

The worried owner asks: “Are you barking at the bed? You keep barking at the bed."

When she realises Ace is barking at the white plastic wheel underneath the bed frame, she touches it and tells Ace that “it’s okay”.

Earlier Amber shared another similar incident which happened two years ago, showing the protective dog refusing to fetch his ball in a park.

Wondering if Ace had found something lurking behind the kid’s play area, Amber goes over to check and notices her pet is barking at a feather.

She picks it up to show the pooch that it’s nothing harmful, but the confused dog struggles to believe it and scurries away with a few deep rumbles.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, Amber, from Massachusetts in the US, said she has no idea where her four-legged friend picked up his unusual habit.

She told the site: “We did not teach him this.

“He is skittish so he barks at anything that is out of place or unknown to him!”

The dog lover, who has a passion for photography, also likes playing fetch with Ace and some time teaching him new tricks.

But one thing Amber is sure of is that her furry friend “never liked fidget spinner”.

In July, she posted a video showing her hungry pooch going crazy when she put the toy next to him.

Ace looks adorable when he quickly jumps and pounces at the toy.

His ears flop in the air and his tail wags excitedly while he barks at a very sharp high-pitch range.

And in another recent clip, Ace is seen barking at a frying pan inside a dishwasher.

But he turns his head away when Amber picks up the utensil and brings it to him.

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In a bid to calm his nerve, she puts the pan on the floor and says: “What? It’s just a pan. Come and see.”

Ace decides to go closer for a sniff but quickly walks off with a hesitant look.

The clips have brought joyful tears to viewers with some of them calling him a "drama queen".

One said: "He's so silly, and scared and suspicious. You crack me up!"

"So much drama, haha," another wrote. "It's a Labrador thing. I swear."

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