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Opinion | A Crisis for Trump, and for America

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To the Editor:

Re “Trump Shows Mild Symptoms After Positive Test, White House Says” (, Oct. 2):

We are all saddened at the news of President Trump’s positive coronavirus test. But for the past eight months Mr. Trump has flagrantly disavowed the strong recommendations of the nation’s leading medical experts regarding distancing and masks. Now all those in recent contact with him are concerned for their personal health, as well they should be.

We can only hope that Mr. Trump will now develop some empathy for those Americans who have lost family members, friends, jobs and businesses, all because of his dishonesty and his politicizing of what he knew early on was an approaching pandemic.

Joel Schatzberg
Lynbrook, N.Y.

To the Editor:

In discussing President Trump’s positive coronavirus test, The Times states that “the positive test could prove devastating to his political fortunes.” However, it is entirely possible that it could give him a boost right when he needs it.

If Mr. Trump and the first lady have relatively mild illnesses, he and his base could view that as evidence that he has been right all along, that this virus is no worse than the flu, and that a crisis was created by the media and the Democrats to make him look bad.

This is the worst possible situation at this juncture. A serious illness for the president this close to the election will cause further chaos and massive uncertainty, but a mild illness could convince a significant portion of both leaders and citizens that virus precautions are overblown and unnecessary.

Anne-Marie Hislop

To the Editor:

One can only wish President Trump a full recovery from Covid-19, but ironically his illness will undoubtedly save many lives. To date, his major focus has been on manipulating the truth about how this deadly disease is prevented — via masks and social distancing — so as to minimize its effect on his re-election bid. His illness exposes all of his lies to the surprisingly large minority of the population that believed him.

Let’s hope they don’t continue to go maskless in public. May his illness be a wake-up call to our country that when it comes to our nation’s health, science trumps politics.

Deborah Bershel
Somerville, Mass.
The writer is a family physician.

To the Editor:

You report that President “Trump went ahead with his New Jersey fund-raiser after Hope Hicks tested positive” (, Oct. 2).

Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, told aides Friday, “It is on all of us to continue to exercise the smart judgment and practices the campaign has long encouraged: wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance.”

Which campaign is Mr. Stepien talking about? The Trump campaign, from the start until Thursday night, has done anything but encourage guidelines put forth by the scientific and medical communities. Sadly, as a result, we have many Americans who still consider the coronavirus to be a hoax, invented by the Democrats, with loss of lives and livelihoods as a consequence.

Kathy J. Gilbert
New York

To the Editor:

Surreal doesn’t come close to describe this.

Steven Brozinsky
La Jolla, Calif.

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