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Dancing flasher who claimed ‘children like’ seeing his genitals avoids prison

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A flasher who danced around with his penis out on a bustling street claimed he did it because “children like”.

Ovidiu Sirbu was surrounded by families with kids on a busy street when he exposed himself in August.

CCTV filmed the 33-year-old shaking a tambourine in front of a drum band with his privates were on show.

He had been released from custody earlier that day after he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, The Liverpool Echo reports.

The native Romanian was hurled in front of a judge at Liverpool Crown Court on Thursday.

Police received a report of Sirbu, of Walton, exposing his genitals to passing members of the public at around 2.40pm on August 9.

Prosecuting, Frank Dilon said: “A police community support officer (PCSO) attended the location and watched the defendant for about two minutes. It was clear that his genitals were exposed.

"He was challenged by a female member of the public. He appeared aware of that challenge, but continued nonetheless with his behaviour.

"The PCSO challenged the defendant who made off on foot, stopping briefly on Leigh Street. He was asked by the PCSO who caught up with him why he had his genitals out, to which he replied, and I quote, 'children like'. He then gestured towards his genitals."

Sirbu ran off to Williamson Square, where police officers arrived and with the help of a member of the public, detained then arrested him.

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Mr Dillon said: "Even at that point, the zipper on his trousers was still open and his genitals still exposed."

When interviewed, Sirbu said he had been to have his hair cut, then began drinking at a pub, where he drank beers and Sambuca, but said he wasn't drunk.

He recalled being chased by police but said he didn't know why, couldn't remember exposing himself or the comment he made to the officer, and couldn't believe he would behave like that.

When asked if he denied the allegation, he said: "I don't remember."

Sirbu was originally charged with exposure, but prosecutors accepted a plea to the lesser offence of outraging public decency, which unlike exposure, doesn't require notification on the Sex Offenders Register.

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Neil Gunn, defending, asked Judge Murray to follow the recommendation of a pre-sentence report and give Sirbu a community-based sentence for the "one-off incident".

He said: "The court will be concerned, I've no doubt, to hear the defendant was arrested for a drink related matter just prior to this matter and while the defendant accepts he had been drinking, he doesn't accept he was intoxicated. The court may feel otherwise.

“He is disgusted with his behaviour, he assures the court and everyone else that might be listening there will be no repetition.

"He's been emotional on every occasion I've spoken with him, he's wracked with guilt and remorse and deeply ashamed and embarrassed by his actions."

Judge Murray told Sirbu he "behaved disgracefully".

He said: "You exposed your penis on Church Street, when there were children present. This was disgraceful behaviour and you're rightly ashamed of yourself.

"I'm satisfied that you need the assistance of the Probation Service in order to control your risk to the public in the future.

"I was considering an immediate prison sentence but I bear in mind your good character, that this was an isolated offence and that you've been in custody up until your sentencing. The pre-sentence report says you're a low risk of re-offending and causing harm."

The judge handed Sirbu a three-year community order, with a 30-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

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