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Council asks locals to snitch on neighbours who don’t pick up dog poo

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A council has asked people to report neighbours and dog walkers if they don't pick up their pet's poo.

The council in Northern Ireland says it is "reliant on members of the public to submit details of any dog fouling incidents they witness".

The request comes after just three fixed penalty notices were issued during 2019/20 for the areas of Mid and East Antrim.

The local authority says the reports will be followed by "targeted patrols to catch offenders and enforcement action," BelfastLive reports.

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A report to the council’s Direct Services Committee said: “Members of the public are encouraged to provide details, using the reportable app and to keep reporting it if they see repeat offending.”

The council is planning to repeat its 'Dark Nights No Excuse' campaign this autumn and winter which saw a decrease in dog poo last year.

Complaints regarding dog fouling dropped from 195 to 2018/19 to 111 during 2019/20.

However, “dog fouling is still an issue in the borough and remains a priority issue for council”.

Members of the Green Dog Walkers scheme, which encourages responsible pet ownership, has increased from 512 in April 2019 to 1,022 in April 2020.

Pet owners support the scheme by signing a pledge to clean up after their dogs and encourage others to do the same.

The council says the campaign is "not anti-dog".

Just five streets were found to have dog fouling present between July and September last year compare to 11 the previous period, out of 100 streets in Mid and East Antrim, according to the Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful Cleaner Neighbourhoods Report.

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The council states enforcement officers will "continue to patrol" and will issue fixed penalty notices of £80.

Patrols have been described as "random".

Nine fixed penalty notices for dog fouling were issued by Antrim and Newtownabbey during 2019/20, one in Causeway Coast and Glens and 59 in Belfast.

Ards and North Down Borough Council issued 170.

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