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Hero golden retriever saves tipsy owner from face-planting after boozy night out

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A loyal golden retriever has been caught on a pet camera pulling out all the stops to prevent his owner falling over when she came home a bit tipsy one night.

Jax, the two-and-a-half-year-old pooch, was barely older than a puppy at the time, but instinct kicked in when he saw his owner Hannah Quintus swaying on her feet.

In the clip, Hannah is walking to a bed when she starts to topple, prompting Jax to stand on his back legs and steer her to safety.

The clever dog manages to move Hannah over so that she sits down on the bed.

When she re-watched the footage taken in April, Hannah was stunned.

She told Daily Star Online: "When I watched it for the first time I was kind of surprised actually.

"It took me watching it a couple of times to realise what he was doing, then I was amazed."

Hannah said the bond that formed between her and Jax was almost instantaneous, but he makes her feel blessed every day with his "goofy" personality.

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  • "I have had Jax since he was seven weeks old," she said.

    "His favourite habits include hugging, grabbing anything in his mouth that he can find when he gets excited (shoes, socks and toys) he enjoys ripping anything to shreds like toilet paper, paper towels, and plush toys."

    The friendly dog is very people-orientated and "loves to be held and he constantly has to be touching somebody", Hannah said.

    Being such a good boy, Jax is often well-rewarded with food and toys.

    Hannah joked: "Jax is the most spoiled dog I have ever met.

    "He especially loves ice cream and cheese.

    "He receives monthly BarkBoxes that are purchased by Jax's aunt Kiley (my best friend) who loves Jax just as much as I do!"

    Hannah also shares pictures and videos of the beautiful dog on her Instagram page.

    When she shared the video on TikTok it blew up and was watched more than 3 million times, with more than 500,000 "likes" and thousands of comments.

    One viewer joked: "He said 'Woah, woah easy there tiger'."

    "The dog is like 'Ok sit down you can’t human today,'" joked another viewer.

    A third impressed person said: "Wow your dog legit sat you down."

    "It’s crazy how they can sense that," said another fan.

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