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Man trains adorable dog to help solve common working from home problem

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They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but you can definitely teach a new dog, new tricks!

Just ask Andrew Noakes and his wife who came up with a rather clever solution to an issue they have found while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Andrew works from his office on the top floor of his house while his wife has her home office in the basement so communication between the pair can be a bit difficult at times.

But not anymore.

The couple have trained their dog Lydia to carry messages between them making sure important questions like “Wine tonight?” are received and answered.

Andrew explained the secret behind his success on Twitter in replies to his original tweet which has gone viral with dog lovers falling in love with adorable Lydia.

He said: "The key was teaching her to go to my wife, and vice versa. After that, it was just a matter of waving the notes in the air like they're really exciting so she'll want to grab them, and then she's off!"

One person asked why the couple couldn't simply message each other despite their idea being "SO CUTE".

To which Andrew replied: "Look at her cute face! That's why! She loves it."

And another pointed out: "But that would rely on the recipient actually looking at the message. You couldn't ignore Lydia."

One person asked: "Do you ever get messages like: My dearest love, I miss you fiercely. I was thinking that [illegible because drool] Tonight, shall we [paper chewed through] I am, Always yours, Your wi[tooth mark]”

While another suggested that Andrew's communication method also had another benefit saying: "Genius way to walk the dog whilst working from home."

However, the messenger 'service' has not come with a few teething problems.

Andrew told his followers: "It has had some adverse side-effects, though. Now she knows she's allowed to have paper in her mouth, the other day we found her chewing on our mail."

Speaking about how his tweet had gone viral he added: "Wow, what a response! Lydia would be so excited to know she's made thousands of new best friends.

"She loves making friends more than anything in the world. We gave her lots of extra belly rubs this morning from you all. Thank you!"

However, another person warned Andrew and his wife to be careful, saying: "Be wary of notes with a significantly worse handwriting and messages like "CAN YU GIV DOG MOOR FOD?"

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