Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022


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Tories urge PM and Patel to ban illegal migrants from claiming asylum – poll

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The poll conducted by Conservative Progress of 10,075 Tories shows that 93.2 percent believe those who enter the UK illegally should not be allowed to apply for asylum. The survey was carried out in the wake of a summer of problems across the English Channel where hundreds of illegal migrants have been sent over from France by human traffickers.

While Home Secretary Priti Patel has promised a change in the law and held talks with the French to stop the flow of illegal migrants, the survey showed that more than two third blame the UK government for the problem.

This was higher than those who blame human traffickers – 62.5 percent.

However, three quarters point the finger at the French authorities for failing to tackle the problem with allegations that they have escorted boat loads of illegal migrants across the Channel.

Less than half – 41.2 percent – blame the illegal migrants themselves for making the crossings.

Dover Conservative MP Natalie Elphicke said: “The number of illegal entrants breaking into Britain is unacceptable. More action is needed to stop boats leaving French shores in the first place and turn them back to France.

“This latest survey shows that there is overwhelming support to change the law in order to put a stop to illegal migration activities.

“Anyone who breaks into Britain through illegal routes should be returned back to other countries – no ifs or buts.”

The anger among Conservatives over the issue is underlined by the fact that the survey has attracted record numbers of respondents for Conservative Progress.

Despite the emergency measures brought in by Ms Patel including appointing a new former Royal Marine Dan O’Mahoney as a small boats commander to spearhead the effort, 96.5 percent think she should do more.

Among the other measures demanded is 96.3 percent support for speeding up deportations and 98.6 percent wanting stronger laws to prosecute human traffickers.

Ms Patel has attempted to send plane loads of foreign criminals back to their home countries but run into legal blocks from the High Court because of challenges by leftwing activist lawyers.

The survey shows that 91.5 percent believe the UK does its best to help genuine refugees.

Jack Rydeheard, Editor for Conservative Progress said: “This government’s voters clearly feel frustrated. It is clear that the blame lies mainly with the traffickers and the French government in the eyes of the Conservative electorate, not with those who are being exploited.

“Britain is a safe, welcoming country for those who apply for asylum, and the UK fulfils its responsibilities when it comes to giving sanctuary to those fleeing war-torn areas.”

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