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Sickening moment laughing man locks kitten in freezer and washing machine

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A sickening video of a man putting a kitten in a freezer and a washing machine has sparked outrage among animal lovers.

Footage shared on Facebook shows the unidentified man holding a black and white kitten in the kitchen.

He opens the fridge and the freezer before putting the feline into the ice-cold unit.

The man then closes the door, locking the kitten in freezing cold condition.

Another segment of the clip shows the helpless cat struggling to get out from the washing machine.

A reflection on the glass door reveals the cat owner, who is seen wearing a dark-coloured cap, filming the feline on his mobile phone.

The furry animal tries to push open the glass door with its tiny paws and makes a distress call to its owner.

He then swings the door open and laughs wildly as the kitten nearly falls to the ground.

It is unclear how long the cat was placed inside the fridge and the washing machine.

Some viewers also pointed out that the kitten appears to have had its whiskers cut off and some of its teeth pulled out.

The incident was filmed in Singapore and the footage has been shared on Facebook where it has been widely circulated.

The original videos were reportedly posted on Instagram, and it is unclear when they were taken.

They have also been alerted to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), which has raised it to the police and decided to investigate the matter.

SPCA's executive director Dr Jaipal Singh Gill said: "The case is currently under investigation, we understand that a police report has been made as well.

"We thank the public for speaking up and for being the voice of the animals."

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