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Woman stabbed to death in hospital in front of daughter by ex who kills himself

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A man stabbed his ex-wife to death in front of their four-year-old daughter in the waiting room of a hospital, then committed suicide.

Shirley Rubia Gertrudes, 39, was killed in a private hospital by her ex-husband, Rafael Rodrigues Manoel, 35, on Monday night in Brazil.

A consultant at the hospital, who witnessed the horror, said Shirley and Rafael arrived at the hospital with their daughter, who had an appointment for a routine checkup.

Witnesses told the Civil Police the couple then began to argue in the waiting room.

Rafael then left the room, to return a few moment later with a knife in his hand. He then began to attack Shirley.

The consultant added: “The doctor and the couple’s daughter witnessed everything.”

Moments after killing his wife, the perpetrator left the hospital and killed himself.

Rafael's body was found in his parent’s home, located approximately 7km away from the crime scene.

The doctor who carried out the young girl’s consultation immediately tried to help the stabbed victim.

“She went to the operating room, but they were unable to help her”, said the consultant.

The couple’s daughter was later admitted to the Psychological department of the health unit for assistance.

Investigators are treating the incident as a case of femicide.

Shirley's family said the couple's relationship had been troubled for the past six years.

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The victim's sister, Girlene Cristina, told local media the couple had been separated for four months, but Rafael was struggling to come to terms with the break up.

She said: "He threatened her, She always spoke to me on the phone, she said whatever happened, it was him."

The hospital consultant said despite the couple's track record of violent behaviour, no protective measures had been taken to ensure the safety of Shirley and her family.

The victim's sister said that Shirley also had a son, who had previously published a post on social media advocating "the end of violence against women."

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