Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022


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UK weather: Sunny spells sweep across Britain – but a chilly start for most

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Sunny spells will dominate across the country today despite a chilly start to the morning.

Temperatures are set to be as low as 7C in Scotland, 8C in the north of England and 10C in the south-east as the day begins.

Wales will experience highs of just 9C this morning, with Belfast at 8C and the south-west of England resting at around 7C.

Despite the cool start, sun will shine across most of the UK as the day progresses.

The sunniest spells are set to hit the east of England heading into noon.

But clouds will soon move in from the west, covering Scotland and Northern Ireland.

And there'll be the chance of showers in northern England, with the south escaping the drizzle.

Patchy rain is also expected hit Scotland moving on into Thursday evening.

Wet weather will continue into Friday, with Northern Ireland and the north-west of England being hit too.

Wales will be spared the rain, as will southern areas of England where there are expected to be sunny spells.

Heading into the weekend, sunshine is forecast to bathe the majority of Brits in England and Wales.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, however, there will be clouds and rain.

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