Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022


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Man blows up part of his house trying to kill a fly that was irritating him

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A man has blown up part of his home while he tried to swat a fly that was bothering him.

The pensioner, aged in his 80s, was settling down to dinner when he heard a buzzing.

Irritated, he stood up to try and kill the fly at his property in Dordogne, France.

He picked up an electric racket specially designed to kill bugs and began swiping at the fly, Soud Ouest reports.

But he didn't realise that a gas canister was leaking into his home in the Parcoul-Chenaud village.

The gas that was leaking out reacted with the racket while he was swatting.

This caused an explosion, which has destroyed the pensioner's kitchen. The blast has also partly damaged the roof to his home.

Local reports state that the man, who is as yet unnamed, had a lucky escape.

He is alive and emerged from the disaster with just a burn to his hand.

Because of the damage to his home, however, he's been forced to check into a local campsite.

His family are assisting their elderly relative get back on his feet by repairing his home.

It is not yet known when the fly perished in the explosion, or whether the man managed to kill it.

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