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PMQs LIVE: Boris Johnson faces Keir Starmer and backbench revolt in Commons grilling

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Mr Johnson will likely be under pressure from his counterpart to provide an update on the current Brexit talks. The EU and UK have so far failed to come to an agreement during negotiations, with both David Frost and his counterpart, Michel Barnier warning a no deal Brexit is now possible. The EU and UK have yet to come to a comprimise on the issues of state aid or fisheries, with Mr Barnier indicating to the EU 27 to now prepare for the consequences of a no deal Brexit. Mr Johnson and Sir Keir will also likely clash over the current coronavirus pandemic. 

Schools are to reopen this week, while the Prime Minister has also revealed a new campaign to get employees back to the workplace. 

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister chaired his first Cabinet meeting where he warned the UK could still be set for a tough few months. 

He said: “I am no great nautical expert, but sometimes it is necessary to tack here and there in response to the facts as they change, in response to the wind’s change, but we have been going steadily in the direction, in the course we set out, and we have not been blown off that course.”

The Prime Minister has faced increasing pressure over the return of schools and the A-Level result U-turn.

One MP told Sky News: “They need to get a grip.

“The raft of U-turns leaves much to be desired and now we’re not just talking over WhatsApp but we’re back in the tearooms.

“We need to pull our socks up, we can’t get away with this much longer.”

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