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Horror moment girl, 3, pulled into the air after getting tangled in kite tail

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A toddler was launched high in the sky when she became entangled in the tail of a huge kite which dragged her tens of meters into the air.

The heart-stopping moment took place at the Hsinchu City International Kite Festival in Taiwan on Sunday in front of horrified onlookers.

Shocking video showed the three-year-old being violently tossed around in the air after the tail section of a giant kite became wrapped around her torso and took off amid strong winds.

Hapless bystanders could only look up and scream as the tiny child was thrown around in the air like a rag doll as the kite tail whipped about in the blustery conditions.

A huge group gathered beneath where the child was catapulted skywards as they desperately waited for a moment to try to catch the child.

As the kite tale dipped, hands reached up to grab the toddler while a quick-thinking man lunged at the tail of the kite to pull the material down to allow the child to be released.

The ordeal lasted for 30 breath holding seconds before the child returned to earth to be rescued.

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Local reports state the child suffered slight cuts to her neck, bruising to her face and neck, but ultimately date she was not seriously hurt.

Authorities took immediate action and cancelled the event.

Taiwan English News reports: "The Hsinchu City Government immediately suspended the kite festival, and have promised to implement a safety review."

Footage from the event has gone viral and sparked calls for children to be banned from future kite festivals in the country.

One shocked commentator on YouTube demanded: "Let’s petition 'kids can’t enter' the large kite field."

While another expressed thanks that the kite had been manufactured well, writing: "Fortunately, the cloth strip did not loosen, otherwise her life would not be guaranteed."

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