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Rioters ‘tried to burn officers alive by sealing them in building’, police claim

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Rioters tried to burn officers alive by trapping them behind a concreted door and starting a fire, it has been claimed by police.

A left-wing mob is alleged to have sealed a door with “quick-drying concrete” before starting a blaze to the building with officers inside.

Multiple small fires were reported outside the East Precinct in Seattle, Washington, in the US, and "booms" could be heard as police clashed with protesters.

It comes following a late night march in demonstration of another police shooting in America.

Radio host and journalist Jason Rantz reported Tuesday evening: “Seattle rioters used a substance suspected to be concrete to seal shut the door to the East Precinct, the Seattle Police Department has confirmed.

“At the same time, the rioters tried to set fire to the building. ATF is now involved.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AFT) is working with the Seattle Police Department to investigate the suspected arson attempt.

According to 770KTTH, officers were forced to kick the door open to escape the sealed building.

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Rioters had attempted to use quick-drying cement to keep the door locked.

But the rioters reportedly made the mixture too runny, using too much water, allowing police to break free.

One officer was injured and one suspect was arrested.

Seattle Police Officers Guild president Mike Solan told KTTH: “It’s clear that domestic terrorists are continuing to hold our great city hostage by their criminal acts.

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“We’re talking about a little over 100 people who continue to force their political agenda to push assaults on officers, destroy private and public property, to continue their dangerous ideology.

"What’s next has been seen before and I’m fearful that someone will lose their life in the coming days.

“This could all stop if our public officials would decry and push back against these criminal acts.”

The riot took place following another police shooting of a black man in Wisconsin, US.

Jacob Blake, 29, was shot and injured by police as he leaned into his car on Sunday, with his children screaming.

Several protests across America have since turned violent, with vandalism and arson causing damage to property.

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