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Prince Harry follows Meghan Markle’s lead as he makes long-awaited Netflix debut

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Prince Harry has followed in his wife’s footsteps as he made his long-awaited Netflix debut following their Royal Family split.

The Duke, 35, has starred in a new Netflix documentary – mirroring Meghan Markle as she lent her voice to a Disney film.

Meghan, a former actress, provided the voiceover for a Disney documentary earlier this year.

Now Harry has made his own big screen debut in a film about the Paralympics called Rising Phoenix.

Harry is currently living in a £11m mansion in Santa Barbara with Meghan and their son Archie.

In the film, released today, the Duke looks back on the games when they were held in London.

He said: “A lot of people, based on what they’d been told, thought it was going to be a failure.

“The stadiums were packed. the sport was incredible, and what they saw undoubtedly better than the Olympics themselves.”

The 35-year-old added: “For me and so many people out there, especially young kids, to see individuals like that go on and achieve what they have achieved.

“No amount of books that you read or teaching a class that you have is going to give you the same inspiration as being able to watch something that you have been told is impossible.”

Harry appeared in the film wearing a green shirt and a pair of grey jeans, and spoke from a sofa in a studio, Mail Online reports.

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Harry is a keen sports fan, having helped set up the Invictus Games in 2014.

The Royal said spectators had their lives changed by witnessing the achievements of Paralympic athletes.

He said: “There are thousands of seats there that could change those people’s lives because don’t forget, yes lives are being changed on the track, but also lives are being changed in the stands as well”.

It comes after Meghan Markle lent her voice to a film on streaming service Disney Plus – while the show she starred in, Suits, can be watched on Netflix.

She voiced over a docu-series about Elephants, which came out in April.

Her fee for taking part went entirely to charity Elephants Without Borders – an organisation dedicated to protecting wildlife from packing.

After stepping down from Royal Family the couple relocated to North America where they plan to settle down and raise baby Archie.

Meghan has made several appearances at online conferences during the pandemic, most recently speaking about women’s rights with US actives Gloria Steinem.

In a clip released before the chat, the 39-year-old LA native said: “People forget how hard women like you (Steinem) and so many others have fought for us just to be where we are right now.”

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