Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


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Red-haired girl pushed to ground then kicked in stomach by gang of kids

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Hard-to-watch footage shows a vile teen gang assault a young red-haired girl who is outnumbered by her attackers.

The horrific incident, which shows her being pushed to the ground and then kicked repeatedly in the back and stomach, is said to have taken place in a popular park on Wednesday afternoon, Dublin Live reports.

Despite the ferociousness of this group attack on the local teen, no complaints or statements have been issued to Gardai as of yet.

The disgraceful video starts off by showing three girls wearing leggings surrounding the victim who is walking away with her back to them in the park by the swings.

She then starts to run but the gang quickly catches up with her and she is pushed to the floor, landing on the ground and rolling onto her back.

The video then switches to another scene of the attack where the girl is pounded with five kicks in total – distributed by the three girl attackers and by one boy.

She lies still and defenceless as the young thugs deliver blow after blow in the broad daylight attack.

Gardai are urging anyone who might have information on this horrific underage assault to come forward immediately so an investigation can be launched.

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A spokesman told Dublin Live: "No statement or complaint has been issued yet about this incident but we are aware of it.

"We ask anyone with information on this to come forward and make a formal complaint."

Daily Star Online has approached Gardai for further comment.

This comes after a shocking video of gang violence also recorded in Dublin appeared to show a teenager getting stabbed in a street fight.

The lad fell to the ground after allegedly being slashed repeatedly, while one of the other teens in the vicious altercation appeared to shout in triumph that he had been knifed.

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