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Man ‘returns to shop he nicked £78 of scratchcards from to claim prize’

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Police have arrested a man who is accused of returning to the same store he stole £78 of scratchcards from to claim a prize.

Herbert McClellan, 27, walked into a Speedway gas station in Clearwater, Florida, US at around 2am on Tuesday, August 18.

Authorities say that while in the store, McClellan reached over the counter to steal 13 different scratch-off lottery tickets while the clerk was distracted.

He then left the store without paying for the tickets, worth $102, police said.

When one ticket offered a $30 prize, officers say he went back into the same store a few hours later to cash it in.

Employees called police, who arrested McClellan who is now being held on $12,000 bond.

McClellan was charged with petit theft, dealing with stolen property and driving with a suspended license for the second time, according to online jail records with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Fox23 News reports.

“It’s safe to say it was not his lucky day,” the Clearwater Police Department said in a Facebook post.

In the post, Clearwater Police department wrote: "For most people, it's their lucky day when they get a winning scratch-off lottery ticket.

"That was not the case this week for Herbert McClellan, who is currently sitting in the Pinellas County Jail because of a winning $30 lottery ticket.

"The problem is that McClellan stole 13 scratch-off tickets from the Speedway convenience store at 32 Bay Esplanade.

"When he found out that one was a winner, he went back to the same store to cash it in.

"That's when store workers called us, and we arrested him. He was charged with petit theft and dealing in stolen property.

"It's safe to say it was not his lucky day."

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