Sat. Sep 24th, 2022


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Most Jefferson County government offices will transition to a four-day work week, starting June 1.

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Jefferson County government announced Wednesday that most offices will transition to a four-day work week, starting June 1.

The transition is necessary because of the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a notice posted on the county’s website. The county already was facing budget restrictions because of a Colorado law that limits government spending, forcing cost-saving measures such as releasing inmates from the county jail.

“In these challenging times, we are looking at operations across all county departments for cost savings, greater efficiencies and reductions to achieve a balanced budget in 2021,” Don Davis, the county manager said on the website. “We believe there will be a decrease in costs along with an increase in productivity through a four-day business week and are optimistic this change will yield positive results.”

The first day of the closure will be June 5. Most employees will work four 10-hour days. Some county offices may change their hours during the days they are open, and residents should check various websites before visiting, the notice said.

Some offices will not be affected, including the public library system, the sheriff, coroner and courts.

For now, most county offices remain closed and will reopen June 1. Once the offices reopen, county officials ask people to respect physical distancing instruction and encourage people to wear masks, the notice said.

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