Fri. Mar 31st, 2023


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Polis suggests Elon Musk should “look no further” than Colorado if he wants to move Tesla out of California

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Gov. Jared Polis has thrown Colorado into the running should Tesla decide to move its headquarters out of California — and the company’s bombastic CEO, Elon Musk, mused that the Centennial State could be a great option.

“We want you @elonmusk in Colorado, we are the best of all worlds,” Polis wrote in a tweet late Tuesday night. “We’re very pro-business, low taxes, also pro immigration, pro-LGBT, globally minded.”

The governor ended by saying Tesla should “look no further!” (sic) and tagged Musk’s brother, Boulder-based restaurateur Kimbal Musk.

Six minutes later, Musk replied: “Hi Jared, Colorado is great! I think your policies make a lot of sense.”

Musk has been publicly sparring with California officials as they barred Tesla from opening its plant during the novel coronavirus crisis, and on Saturday the CEO threatened to move his company out of state as a result of the spat.

The standoff appeared to come to an end Wednesday morning, however, as Alameda County officials agreed to let Tesla resume operations as soon as next week.

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